Our Story

Meet Dom Mazzuca, a 21-year-old, patriotic, entrepreneur, from London, Ontario. One day, he was looking for a cooler that was tough enough to last a lifetime and packs enough performance to keep his drinks cold on extended weekend excursions.

It was at this point he was introduced to “the other guys”. As much as he wanted to justify the high prices of the big brands, he just felt like there was something still missing from these coolers. Then it came to him!

Dom wanted a cooler that offered the same ice retaining performance, but also reflected our national Canadian pride. He immediately started searching for coolers that offered what he wanted but came up short, it was at this time Maple Mountain was born.

He began brainstorming about the possible idea of a Canadian based cooler company, so Dom got opinions from close friends and family. After an overwhelming amount of positive response from his sales pitch, it was time to start the search for a supplier that was up to the task of manufacturing his coolers and were able to meet his high standards of quality control. After months of research, hard work, dedication, and successful pre-sales, the products were ready for launch. Now that you’re all caught up...

Welcome to Maple Mountain.