Our Kickstarter is Live!

Our Kickstarter is Live!
Today is the day! Project rocky is officially live on Kickstarter!

What an unbelievable journey this has been, over the last year I've learned so much and had a ton of fun developing these coolers for the world, but now is the time to lay all the cards on the table. We've done our part in bringing this idea to life, but now we're passing the torch to you.

We're super stoked to finally present the rocky soft coolers to the world, and we're confident that you will like them as much as we do! It seems like yesterday I started this project, I've been looking forward to it, but I've also been super scared by it. Today my fate will be decided, I've done all that can be done to bring this campaign together and ultimately the world will decide if there is a place for my coolers in it. Let's get this project funded! - Dom Mazzuca, Founder

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