Official Cooler of the CJGA

Official Cooler of the CJGA
It's with great pleasure and excitement that we're announcing Maple Mountain is now the official cooler of the Canadian Junior Golf Association!

Throughout the 2021 season, Maple Mountain was the presenting partner of our inaugural Player of the Month award, which presented both male and female top finishers throughout each month with exclusive products and merchandise courtesy of Maple Mountain. Players will continue to be rewarded with Maple Mountain swag based on their play each month throughout the 2022 season.

After the overwhelmingly positive response from the players and their families, when the CJGA reached out and asked us if we wanted to become more involved in 2022, and we jumped at the chance.

“We are very excited to extend our partnership with Maple Mountain, and for them to become the Official Cooler of the CJGA,” said CJGA Director of Tour Operations, Tyler Torrieri. “Maple Mountain is a great up and coming brand that prides themselves on being proudly Canadian and are passionate about self-development in addition to making ‘Soft Coolers That Don’t Suck’. During the hot summer months in Canada, ensuring our players on the course are hydrated is of utmost importance, and having Maple Mountain coolers out on the course is going to do this with not only quality but also style,”

Maple Mountain will continue as the exclusive sponsor of the player of the month program, and we'll have our iconic rocky soft coolers situated at every tournament across the nation, packed with refreshing beverages keeping the players hydrated all day long.

We're super stoked to see what the next stages of our partnership become, and we can't wait to get out on the course!

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