Now a Proud Sponsor of The Canadian Junior Golf Association

Now a Proud Sponsor of The Canadian Junior Golf Association

Maple Mountain is proud to announce that we’re now an official sponsor of the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA). When the CJGA reached out to us about a potential partnership we jumped at the chance. Our team are avid golfers and couldn’t think of a more organic sponsorship program. Maple Mountain will be the exclusive sponsor of the player of the month program for the entire 2021 season, in which exceptional male and female players will be chosen every month to receive our prize packs!  

The CJGA is a non-profit organization that was founded to help develop the skills of our Canadian youth by not only giving them a safe environment to enhance their golf abilities but facilitate an environment where our youth can strengthen their social skills, self-discipline, and integrity. For more information visit:

We love what the CJGA does and can’t wait to continue growing this partnership in the future! 

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