Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season fast approaching I decided to make a quick gift guide for anyone curious about which Maple Mountain products they should buy for their loved ones. 

Let's kickstart the list with the most popular product (by far):

1. Little Trout 20oz Tumbler

It's so popular that we sell 3x more Little Trout Tumblers than any other in our lineup. This is for good reason, it's by far the most versatile tumbler in our collection due to its seemingly perfect 20oz size which is great for ample amounts of coffee, and tall can beers. It's not too big nor too small, making the Little Trout 20oz Tumbler a fan favourite.

2. Little Camper 12oz Mug

Taking the #2 spot is the Little Camper 12oz Mug. A perfect companion for those who enjoy piping hot coffee in the office and ice cold beers on the weekend. Its standard 12oz size holds a full can of beer, and its extra-large carry handle makes it easy to hold onto whether you're grabbing it for a sip of joe during a zoom meeting, or handling it around the campfire. Whoever is receiving the Little Camper 12oz Mug is sure to fall in love with it.

3. Muskoka 12oz Tumbler

Another easy fan favourite, the Muskoka 12oz Tumbler is a great companion for chilled wine and your favourite beers. Its compact size, accompanied by a leak-proof lid makes this a party-goers must-have. And as its name implies, it's a great gift for those that kick back on a dock in Muskoka.

4. Big Jasper 34oz Bottle

Coming in at 3rd place is the Big Jasper 34oz Bottle, a Canadian adventurist's favourite carry. Its large size is no joke and can hold enough H2O to keep you hydrated for the entirety of your journey, and its tall slim size makes it fit comfortably in any backpack water bottle holder, as well as standard size cupholders. 

5. Big Trout 30oz Tumbler

The Big Trout 30oz Tumbler is geared towards the extreme coffee consumers, fitting enough coffee to get you through the entire workday, and the double-walled vacuum insulation makes sure it never gets lukewarm. It's also a great choice for those who sip on water all day long (which is exactly what I use it for every single day), and stops frequent refills. It can also almost fit 2 full tallboys keeping you from needing to reach in the cooler as often.

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